Thursday, June 28, 2007

F.L.Y. - Peru Tour Time

Going into town was always a blast on BOB! Bob is the bus owned by the orphanage. Good times of singing, Gingerbread Man voices, waving at strangers and holding on for dear life!

We were able to spend one afternoon playing in the sand with the kids. We jumped, rolled, climbed, laughed and had a blast. One of the only sunny days while we were there.

A tour of the ancient Moche ruins - Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol.
Our days out often included drinking Inca Cola and eating chicken and rice, guinea pig or chicken and rice.
The consumer side of us did come out on occasion.
Great time at Huanchaco Beach... a little wet!
Our evening at the young people's group at Larco Presbyterian Church... they enjoyed learning our songs and all the actions.

My friends "Los Caimanes" came and played for the children of the albergue. We had a bonfire and cooked s'mores for everyone... MAS DULCES POR FAVOR!

Then my friends did a special concert for our group. They dressed in Moche costume and put on an amazing performance. We all tried to do our best 'native' dance.

F.L.Y. & The Kids of Peru

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

F.L.Y. - Escuela Biblical de Invierno

F.L.Y. held Escuela Biblica de Invierno (Winter Bible School) 5 different evenings for the orphanage. This program included the teaching of a different parable each day through songs, drama, memorization verse and crafts. We were lucky to have a few translators in our group to help with the scriputre reading and teaching. Everyone had a great time!

We were blessed to work with a local church (Larco Presbyterian Church) and do the same program for them 5 different afternoons. Together, we reached out to a poor area surrounding the church called Libertad Sociales. We were well recieved by the community and blessed by the church. We added 30 minutes of playtime after our program and really took time to bond with the neighborhood children. The staff at the church were amazing and we pray that the work we helped them do will continue on.

F.L.Y. - Peru Work Projects

F.L.Y. was warmly welcomed as we arrived at Hogar de Esperanza! The children did a wonderful program for us and captured our hearts instantly. I was amazed because the children and the workers remembered me so well! It was a special moment for me!

We had a tour of the facility and began our work the next day. Every morning, we split into groups and did a variety of projects for the orphanage. We helped create sidewalks throughout the campus...

...fixed up the children's playground area...

...sanded and painted frames for new window screens...

...weeded the alfalfa field...

...dug a ton of sand around the facility...

...worked in the on-campus school and kindergarten...

...and painted the children's dining room area.