Sunday, October 26, 2008

One good thing after another

We've now been back in the country for 6 weeks and there is news to share!

When we left South America, we knew that we would pursue the adoption of a sibling group of children. Although our hearts are sad to be away from the orphanage and these little ones - we knew we had to get into action to prepare for their arrival.

Joel and I have had the pleasure of getting to visit almost all of our family and many of our good friends - from Burlington, Colorado to Kansas City to Iowa to Sioux Falls - since we've returned. During this time, we also visited our home church in Gypsum, Colorado. While planning on telling our church of our plans to relocate to Denver - we experienced a change of heart.

Our community's response to our return was overwhelming. Their love and support of the new adventures that lie ahead of us made us realize, again, the importance and value of community. After all, what do we hope for the people of Peru? For them to have the basic necessities of life, hope and a future - which often starts with building community - people that come together to share, pray and take care of one another's needs. The small mountain town of Gypsum is our community... our home.

Despite difficult times in the economy, our jobs fell into place. I have taken a new position with the orphanage as the U.S. Administrator. Hogar de Esperanza / Saving Street Children has become my passion and I work from home to build a monthly giving program, raise support, speak at churches and social groups, coordinate future volunteers and help with the operational details of the orphanage. And, although Joel applied in Denver and looked for jobs elsewhere, he was hired within a few hours of applying to UPS in Glenwood Springs - the next town over from Gypsum. UPS is a great fit for Joel and for our future family.

For 6 weeks, we've been wanderers. We've skipped from house to house and friends have been generous to feed us and give us a place to sleep. But, with adoption in mind - it was time to look for a house of our own. After 5 days of beginning our search, we found the perfect home - just right for our growing family - and at a low price for our valley. It just happens to be in our old neighborhood - very family orientated with a great mix of English speaking and Spanish speaking families. We close on November 21 - the Friday before Thanksgiving. We are thankful. good thing after another