Thursday, June 25, 2009

My ticket is bought

I wanted to be in Peru by the end of June.... and I will be!! Although the adoption is not ready, yet, I am going to travel there to do some work for the orphanage and... just to be there. Peru is my other home - and I am overjoyed to finally be going back! Joel will join me when we get the approval of our I800 form - please pray that goes quickly! I may be gone through early/mid August, but will stay connected online.

More updates will be coming... so keep checking back!

ANOTHER medical report

This past Tuesday, we recieved the resolution for our adoption. Basically the Peruvian government approved us to adopt - pending another medical report for Joel and I. Yes - another physical and more HIV, TB and HEP tests. This will be the 3rd we've had in the past 10 months. It seems that the one we originally sent in looked unprofessional and like maybe it wasn't real. Luckily, we were able to get it re-done quickly (next day) and notarized. To speed up the process, I drove the report to Denver (2 hours) and had it certified by the Secretary of State, then over to the Peruvian Consulate to be legalized and Fed-Exed to Peru for approval.

What next? Well, that seems to be the only 'clarification' that will be needed. Next, they will officially assign us the children. We will file a I800 form to our government to request the immigration of these specific children. Upon approval of this form - the adoption will officially begin and Joel will get the 'okay' to go to Peru. We have no idea how long this will take - but we are a HUGE step forward.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The gift of a book

I had the honor to speak on behalf of Hogar de Esperanza to a group of middle school dual-language students. They wrote stories and created bi-lingual books for the children at the orphanage. I plan to deliver the books when I go to Peru for the adoption. I love the creativity and gifts others share!

Check out the story here!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Our dossier has been in Peru a little more than 2 weeks and is in the final steps of translation. The stack of papers that, now, represent our life will be submitted to SNA Thursday morning. I hope and pray that SNA will expedite our paperwork and that we will hear good news quickly.

I do not have control. This is a struggle for me. When I talk to the kids, I feel their disappointment, their lack of ability to understand why it's taking so long and my frustration that I can't do anything about it.

Even though I've never been pregnant, I'm sure there are similarities to a mother in her final month of pregnancy... exhausted, consumed and wondering when. When the children are finally home, I'm sure I'll forget all the pain of waiting.

But for now, I feel like I'm living with ghosts. The children's rooms are filled with their beds, toys and clothes - but the house is empty and quiet. My mind can tolerate no other thought than being with them again.