Saturday, May 31, 2008


While I have been able to participate in teaching classes, fill in as a madre tutora and do many projects with the kids; a large part of my work this year has been helping with the administration side of things. For blog purposes - it's not that exciting. However, it has been one of the best experiences for me, as I have been able to help develop new and lasting programs, assist in re-structuring the orphanage, guide volunteers and provide leadership training ideas and skills to the directors. Even though much of my time is spent in meetings and behind my computer, I am completely content to know my work will continue to shape the future of this ministry and to see my work come alive in the everyday situations here. Here are some exciting pictures of the administration at work.

Robyn at her desk in the library

Liz, Director of the orphanage, at her desk in her office...

Mirian, our social worker, at her desk... in her office...

Sara, our wonderful secretary, not at her desk - but in her office.

Just like I said, the pictures are completely blog worthy... *smile*

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dominoes and Cards

Some days I cover the madre tutora's duties while she is at an appointment with a child or leaves for a day off. If it's not a school night, I love to play games with the kids and get them away from the television. I have fun in the casita Tesoros because they're really into playing cards and dominoes... although they don't always 'play' the game, but rather use their imagination!

Edwin builds a tower

We were able to take a picture before the other boys pushed over Josue's work for the 3rd time.

Abel worked contently for over an hour

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr. Joel - the professor

Joel has become an active part of Escuela de Miller, our on-campus school for children who have learning disabilities or who have never been to school before coming to the orphanage. He teaches two classes each week - music and P.E. During Joel's normal routine in the orphanage, he's known as Tio Joel; however in class he's called Mr. Joel.

Music class is a highlight of the week as the children here LOVE to sing. Joel spent several weeks teaching about the variety of music and how music can stir emotions. During one class, he played them different songs while their eyes were closed. After the song ended, the children would tell Mr. Joel how the song made them feel and they would draw a face to match the feeling. Now, they are learning a variety of children's songs in spanish - which is helping Mr. Joel along with his own spanish learning. It's a blast to hear the kids sing the newly learned songs while they're playing, on the bus and throughout their day. I'm encouraging him to do a concert for the orphanage!

Mr. Joel's physical education class is how Escuela de Miller ends their school week. They continue to practice push-ups, run laps, play soccer and kickball and learn how to play together in teams. This can be a challenging time, as so many of the kids are still trying to figure out how to play together without hitting, insulting or pouting. Mr. Joel is perfect for the job, though! His patience never seems to run out!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dia del Trabajador

Peru celebrated the day of the worker on May 1. Nobody worked. Okay, well a few of us at the albergue were working and a few restaurants and a few micro buses - but everyone else took the day to relax or play or work at home.

We, at the albergue, celebrated together on May 3. I can't think of a better group of dedicated workers to celebrate than those here at the orphanage. A few of the staff planned a day of activities for all the staff, their families and the children of the orphanage.
We started the day with a service. Joel and I sang our first song in Spanish and we heard a message from one of the worker's sons, who is a pastor.
We divided workers, their families and the children at the albergue into 4 teams and added war paint of various colors. Go white team, go!
Go yellow team, go! (yes, we won the whole day)
Potato sack races started our day.
Who knew that the Director of Projects, Alex, could eat so fast!
The kids competed in tug of war - with a little help from the adults.

Water balloon volleyball - using towels instead of our hands.

The day ended with everyone sharing a meal together.

This was a perfect day filled with laughter and smiles. It was great to enjoy fun time together as a staff and remember what all of our work is for. Feliz dia del trabajador!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Medical Help from Nueva Esperanza

Nueva Esperanza is a ministry and social organization in Trujillo, Peru. Their director, Jose, (far right) organized local doctors, nurses and psychologists to come help the orphanage one Saturday.
Every child received a check up and they completed a medical file on each one. They also promised to help with some of the on-going medical needs of the children in our orphanage.
The psychologists and social workers from the city also spent time with the real parents of some of the children. They were able to talk about the shame some of the parents feel for having their child in the orphanage, their personal battles with poverty, how they've suffered from abuse in their family and ways they can overcome. Most of the kids dread doctors because they seem to always give them shots or vaccinations. However, this Saturday the doctors only did annual check-ups and gave them candy afterwards. This made all of them smile like Isaias.

Channel 15 even came out to do a story on the albergue. Like most things in Peru... they were late... but, they still did a great story on our orphanage. I (Robyn) was on the news, too, but we don't have T.V. so I just heard about it from some friends. I'm famous, now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Only in Peru - 2

Watermelon Store in the round about
Unfortunately this is a common sight on many of the streets
A local boy carting his load

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Casita Luces

Back in the fall I promised to highlight the 4 casitas (houses) that we have here at the albergue. Several months later, I'm highlighting the second casita - Luces (Lights). This house is full of beautiful girls and their madre tutora, Sylvia. Sylvia was hired just before Joel and I arrived in September. It's been fun getting to know her. She is doing a great job with the girls and learning how to discipline with love. It still amazes me - the work that the madre tutoras do each and every day. They are responsible for organizing their house, getting the girls ready for school, helping them with homework, disciplining, guiding the girls in their faith, listening to their stories and helping them through so many of their problems. All the while, sacrificing their personal life and only spending 4 days a month with their families. It is a tremendous ministry!
Our times in the house usually consist of silly word games, new dance moves, tickling sessions and jokes. It's hard to take pictures to capture it! You'll just have to imagine us being as silly as possible!

Top Row: Fiorella, Yamelit, Milagros and Sylvia
Middle Row: Karina, Elisa, Aracely and Vanessa
Bottom Row: Brigit, Nancy and ZuZu