Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Gypsum

After all the planning, waiting and preparing... the time has come. We are saying goodbye to our community of Gypsum, Colorado. We have sold our home, resigned our jobs, put all of our belongings into storage and given up our cell phones. (is this possible?) Joel was able to get in a knee surgery, too. We have 10 days left in this beautiful, mountain town. Joel will speak at our church on the 19th and share about our upcoming mission to Peru. The next week, we will play music and sing and celebrate and cry with our congregation, as we have our last service. Our hearts are feeling a variety of emotions... anxiety as we part with jobs and ministries we have invested in, sorrow for leaving a place we have called home, and amazing excitement and wonderment as begin this new adventure! God has suprised us over and over and provided more than enough for our year of serving. We are thankful for all that has happened in our lives to bring us to this part!

Needless to say, we will be out of reach from the 27th of August until we arrive at Hogar de Esperanza on September 6th. We will have internet access at the orphanage and that will be the primary way to contact us. I will try to become more skilled at blogging *wink* and plan to share many photos and stories of our time in Peru. Until the next blog... pray that God will ease our hearts and continue blessing our church in Gypsum.

Please pray that we will have safe travels and that SOMEHOW we'll get our stuff into 2 bags.