Sunday, September 6, 2009

Windsor Road Christian Church

Tim Brooks and his wife adopted 3 sisters from Hogar de Esperanza about three years ago. Since then, Tim has kept connected with the orphanage by being the webmaster for and has had it in his heart to return to Peru and serve. He and his oldest adopted daughter, Loren, led up a team from their church in Illinois and brought 25 people to the orphanage to share their talents. After spending many months emailing and coordinating their trip and activities, I was extremely blessed to be able to be in Peru while the group was here. They were very busy - painting classrooms, building a garage port for our bus, having VBS for the kids each day, holding medical training for some of the staff, playing with the kids and loving each person they came into contact with. I was touched by their open hearts and overwhelming generosity and made some beautiful friendships. Read about their trip and see pictures by visiting their missions blog . The group mentioned several times how the children touched their lives, but the children, staff and volunteers with never forget Windsor Road Christian and their selfless love!

If you or your family or church group would like to come serve at Hogar de Esperanza, please contact me! I would love to have you come and get to know this special place.

It's been 2 months and counting

And the waiting continues... I've (Robyn) been in Peru a little over 2 months. Believe it or not - our 'last' document (I800) was approved 1.5 weeks ago - but that's really not the 'last' thing to be done, apparently. Tons of little tiny things need to take place - filing of the visa photos, filing a DS230, re-filing the acceptance letter, paying the Visa fee, the US Embassy investigation of our case, an article 5 and an article 25... then Joel can travel - or so they say. I said I was done guessing - but it seems like our anniversary is a good date to hope for - October 5. However, my sister said to just keep telling people 'two weeks' in honor of the movie Money Pit.

I've been pretty busy while I've been in Peru - working with the administration on some upcoming changes for the ministry, working with our Volunteer Coordinator on creating manuals for some of our programs, visiting friends, and trying to not be depressed or disillusioned. I will try to post some updates on some of the activities happening here, at the orphanage and in Peru.

Please continue to pray for us, the kids, Joel and the whole entire process.